User Experience Architect / Designer

"The only source of knowledge is experience"
- Albert Einstein

James Mclaughlin - image1As a digital media consultant for the last 12 years, I have honed the skills required for developing digital products - from user experience (UX) strategy and documentation, information architecture (IA), user interface design (UID) to usability analysis and more. Developing and designing a great experience demands a holistic approach – it's not enough to have a great design or a strong technology platform; these need to be seamlessly integrated. I am experienced in translating abstract concepts into deployed digital products, and am happy to work on a range of projects, and provide the same level of care and attention to ground-floor start-ups as I would large agencies. There are a number of platforms in which I have delivered assets; Web, Desktop Applications, Smartphone & Tablet Applications.

Enjoy!  — James.

About James Mclaughlin

I try to update this site as often as possible. I currently work as a freelancer and currently interested in contract work for UX, IA and Visual Design. I advocate strongly to web standards, user-centered design (UCD) and visual design simplicity.
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